All products contain Bio-Enhanced Immune Boosting micronutrient compounds.

What is Bio-ETM ?

Bio-ETM technology has been validated to deliver 5502000% above and beyond current micellar and liposomal delivery; is flavorless, and is ready to use in oil, water, or solid formulations. This patent-pending organic technology is incorporated into all existing formulations to enhance the duration and effect of every blend Abeytu´ Naturals creates.

TABLE 1- Enhanced delivery of target molecules.

What does this mean for you?

  • Bio-ETM is a safer solution to micellar and liposomal cannabinoid delivery.
  • Bio-ETM is purely organic.
  • Bio-ETM has no toxic side effects.
  • Bio-ETM is hepatoprotective(safe for your liver), and leaves your body without increased organ workload.

Bio-ETM achieves 550% greater bioavailability of cannabinoids (from 6% to 30%), and increased duration of effect by 400%. This phenomenon stacks and essentially gives an effective dose of 2000%!  This allows for Abeytu´ Naturals products to incorporate decreased concentrations of cannabinoids while delivering a significantly enhanced effect at a deeper level. Decreased concentrations with increased effectiveness?! That’s some technology.

Our delivery method increased transport across the epithelium, greatly enhancing the bioavailability of cannabinoids (TABLE 1).

Unlike our competitors, we have developed this breakthrough technology to deliver cannabinoids safely and naturally, without synthetic micelle and liposome additives. Our natural organic bio-enhancers are safe and approved by the FDA. The Bio-ETM is dramatically better than liposomal and micellar drug delivery which causes significant autoimmune responses. Our proprietary BioETM formulations of natural bio-enhancers are the new benchmark for the cannabis industry, both medically and recreationally.

Shaman is the first to submit a patent for all bioenhancer technology utilized in the cannabis industry. Our Bio-ETM delivery technology has extensive safety data and has been proven effective by a large body of scientific research. All individual ingredients have been deemed “generally recognized as safe” (GRAS) by the Federal Drug Administration for consumption and utilization in over-the-counter supplements and the pharmaceutical industry.

Bio-ETM also works by slowing the metabolism of cannabinoids; increasing duration and effectiveness, while limiting potential side effects (TABLE 2).

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TABLE 2- Slower metabolism and enhanced delivery of cannabinoids