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    In May of 2006, I broke a tooth eating a hamburger.  Of course, I went to my dentist the next morning to have it fixed and continued on with life; except that one moment changed the path of my life forever.  Within a few weeks, I was feeling pain in my lower right jaw so I went back to the dentist.  I have had 13 surgeries, chronic tendonitis from treatments, survived weeks of driving to Salt Lake City for hyperbaric treatments, and countless blood draws.  My official diagnosis is osteomyelitis of the mandible.  TMJ is a side-effect of holding my jaw open for long periods of time for dental work and surgeries.  Long term oral antibiotics and three pic lines later, my immune system suffered complete exhaustion.   Neuropathy in my feet is another side effect from medications I suffer from every day.

    Medical acupuncture has helped through the past six years or so, but last October I was introduced to a wonderful tincture that has improved my health immensely.  My husband knows Maria’s husband through work and he started taking this tincture for his long-term back pain after five-level fusion surgery.  I figured I may as well try it when I heard it was a pure form.

    At first, I only took 3 drops under my tongue at night.  I would take it and then forget some days.  One day I realized the pressure and swelling in my jaw were bothering me.  It didn’t take long to realize what I was missing…the tincture, for the past few days.  That was it and I haven’t forgotten since.  I take it every day and since talking to Maria in early March I have taken it twice a day.  I am amazed at how the swelling and inflammation in my jaw have completely gone away and the pain is not nearly as severe.  Some days I don’t even take any of my pain meds.  That is huge for me!   I do not like taking them and I worry about their long-term side effects.

    Last month I went to my infectious disease doctor and she couldn’t believe how well I was doing.  I recently went to my acupuncture doctor (also an infectious disease doc) and she was even more surprised at how well I was doing and asked what I was doing at home to make such an increase in my medical condition and physical appearance.  That light is back in my eye and I feel like living again!  Thank you, Maria, for providing a treatment that isn’t causing some horrible side effect that debilitates my body and provides even more medical intervention.  This tincture has improved my daily life and I am starting to feel like I did almost fourteen years ago when I was physically healthy and active.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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