From the Desk of Our CSO Dr J. Phillip Kennedy

Abeytu´ has access to proprietary technology with BioE & BioQ, which allows us to “bioenhance” our ingredients.  So what is a “bioenhancer” and why is it the key to our great results?  Our bioenhancers are naturally occurring compounds that transport ingredients more efficiently when compared to normal conditions.  Our nutrients absorb into your body more better than other products and allow them to get to an effective concentration needed to work.  Try Abeytu´ Naturals unique CBD with proprietary bioenhancement technology. It’s safe and up to 2000% more bioavailable!  This is the quality Abeytu´ Naturals is pleased to offer our customers.

CBD Properties and Similar Pharmaceuticals

  • CBD fits most of the pharmaceutical benchmarks but has 1 major problem
  • CBD is too hydrophopic (greasy) for efficient delivery
  • These properties are associated with high metabolic clearance and inefficient absorption
  • For similar drugs, the pharmaceutical industry utilizes delivery enhancers

Equivalent Dosage

  • Micelles and Liposomes enhance delivery, however not as efficiently as bioenhancers
  • 1 bioenhancer is known to be greater than M/L delivery
  • Truetiva’s approach stacks with each enhancer present

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