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From The Desk of The CEO

If I told you our cells are composed of water and nutrients, many nearly identical to the earth’s compositions… would you believe me? Ironically, plant steroids and natural chemical structures provided by the earth, are also nearly identical to those of humans. Would you assume they are here to support us, demonstrating a symbiotic relationship with the earth? The human endocannabinoid system controlling the brain and spinal cord; and peripheral nervous systems, are in constant fight and flight response. This causes fatigue, pain, and chronic disease… would you tell me this your current state? If we are so closely relatable, can the earth help us break this cycle? We say YES! Humanity and western society have left the ways of our Native Ancestors traditions and solutions; and are suffering their greatest generational health tragedies as a result. This earth, these timeless solutions, and heart-centered spirituality can provide humanity with the health and abundance we all desire. We believe you are here helping to build the Abeytu’ Community because you too believe, that Western society can benefit from Organic Earthly solutions and Native Traditions.

I am the bloodline of Apache Native Americans and the adopted woman of the Comanches. I have had the pleasure and lessons of difficult medical journeys, even though I’ve always been active and made good daily health decisions. Realize, I am also an example of what stress does to create pain and disease. I was YOU… I am YOU. A Clinical Scientist by training, I lost sight of my purpose on this earth and allowed stress to make my healthy body sick. I lost the ways of my ancestors and forgot my commitment to my body and spiritual heart-centered self. The decision to break the cycles of dysfunction and to consciously be well using organic solutions and traditions has been life-changing and needs to be shared with anyone who longs for a different path.

The purpose of Abeytu´ Naturals products is to deliver hope and wellness to you, your family, and your friends. The first two product releases, CV Well and Wellness Weight Management Capsules, are giving our customers a path leading to calming general health from the cellular level and outward. CV Well is a patent-pending product addressing every step in the human immune response to pathogens. This is a remarkable cellular repair product. Wellness Weight Management Capsules address your mental and emotional health, pain, and your body’s response to sugar and insulin. We have directed our earthly, nearly bioidentical solutions, to focus on transforming your path to natural resolutions vs pharmaceutical. Eastern and Native Americans consider the earth our bounty, our energy-dependent beat of our hearts, our spiritual and physical mirror. When we congratulate you for taking a leap of faith and turning to organic vs synthetic ways to heal your body, please note how powerful we feel each and every one of you are, and that you too will help us be the difference in the lives of many.

I have a brilliant team of professionals dedicated to bringing healthy homeopathic solutions to your doorstep without the use of harmful ingredients or synthetics. After all, ” Factory Drugs DON’T Have Spiritual Abilities, and Plants Just Do It Better”.

A member of our team will continue to give you insight into this industry with our company updates and educational pieces each week that I hope you enjoy. We thank you for your continued support and hope you are able to help family and friends as we build this community together. It’s time to get back to a heart-centered spirituality so together we work to provide humanity with health and abundance we all desire.

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