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From the desk of the Chief Medical Officer

Welcome to the Abeytu family! I am grateful to experience the world of wellness and longevity to you.

Coming from a traditional western medical training background, I learned most about nutrition from my colleagues in naturopathic training programs and physical training regimens. Unlike my traditional medical training that specialized in keeping people alive, the study of health by nutrition focuses on keeping people well.

That’s why I started to take a sobering look at how well, or how poorly, we physicians have been educating our patients on the need for proper nutrition. Recent studies have supported that proper nutrition is the best defense against illness. The risks of significant morbidity and possible mortality increase from communicable diseases when the person is deficient in key vitamins and nutrients, many of which have been lost in our modern mass farming and animal consumption techniques.

Over the coming weeks, I would like to share with you the medical evidence that supports the use of dietary supplements to maintain optimal health and avoid the deleterious effects of nutrient deficiency. I’m not talking about the scurvy that my medical school taught me; but every day, real deficiencies that hide inside every day people like you and me. Take this journey with me and prepare to take your body and your family’s health to a whole new level of wellness.

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