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From the Desk of the COO

Manufacturing and Delivering a GREAT product to our customers might seem like a simple task. 20 years ago that involved requesting bids from manufactures and then negotiating to price. For the CBD industry selecting a manufacturer is much more complex. For Abeytu´ products and our patent-pending formulations, we are very specific about our formulations and sourcing ingredients in the United States. This may add some expense at times but we are not willing to sacrifice quality for cost. Tradition and reputation as a company are important, there are many changes in the CBD industry, technology, regulations, and also with manufacturers. Finding a reputable manufacturer that will work with you and also share their expertise with you to help make your product even better, that is what a great manufacturing partner delivers.

At Abeytu´ we discussed all of our needs with dozens of manufacturers, each had their strengths, most were not able to meet our total needs and having multiple manufacturers was not something we were willing to accept. We wanted a manufacturing partner that shared our focus on the customer and product quality while helping to keeps costs at a price point our customers expect. Our partner also needed to be a US manufacturer where we can easily work together on our products. We wanted to invest in building a relationship we can use for all of our products.

Our perseverance paid off, we found our manufacturer, one that has extremely high standards for product quality and reliability in their processes and also a strong customer focus in doing things right. Having a strong manufacturing partner helps Abeytu´ ensure the highest quality and consistency in our products. Together with our manufacturer, we have developed our final products and packaging in a manner that allows us to meet our customer experience objectives. This is a key fundamental for Abeytu, we will not compromise on our quality commitment to each customer, and for every product we produce.

As you experience each Abeytu´ product, be assured there is an entire team working together on product quality, packaging, and delivery for you, our customer! We welcome your comments and thoughts about our products, after all, Abeytu´ for you is more than a phrase, it is our life! Please send comments and questions to [email protected]

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