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From The desk of the Director of Field Sales

Justin Yeo here talking with you about Abeytu´ Naturals, wanted to formally introduce myself to our customers! I have been health conscious all my life and preach to my colleagues, family, and friends all the time….. your health is number one!

Growing up in Australia my mother had me on vitamins as far back as I can remember. No soda in the house and healthy meals every day which I appreciate to this day. I have been an athlete since an early age; training and competing professionally at a national AND international level.

As I gracefully age; I am even more conscientious about long term health, prevention, and balance. I have helped many people who experience frustration with their health. The challenges I see across the globe are people endlessly trying different remedies or fads to find a comfortable daily balance between their mental, emotional, and physical states.

Along came an opportunity with #Abeytunaturals. Two incredibly brilliant women joined forces with a not so mad scientist to cultivate a shared vision. They will help fulfill the global challenge of better health, by producing organic remedies to everyday chronic ailments. I will talk to everyone I know to promote the amazing formularies. Finally…. a company built by people, for the people, is truly the ‘dream team’. I could not wait to be part of it.

These products are revolutionary and there is a committed purpose behind each formula. Abeytu´ Naturals products find that balance between the wellness challenges people face daily in this modern world. The immune focused micronutrients and BioEnhancers will improve your total health and wellness. I am looking forward to making a global impact on people’s lives. My purpose is to help everyone find the right balance for a better life.

What ailments are you facing on a daily basis? Email me at [email protected] Let’s discuss it!

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