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The feature launch product, CV Well Immuno-Boosting Tincture, is a patent pending solution containing micronutrients that attempt to restore cellular health and immunity. Submitted for patent in Spring of 2019, the compounds in this formula and the mechanism at which we deliver the product, could be a solution for natural health warriors.

As consumers we encounter problems such as lack of “access” to care and resources. The public is frustrated with antiquated processes and disconnections between western medical intervention and homeopathic applications. There is be a better way to work synergistically between the two in order to address discomforts. Abeytu´ Naturals base formulary was created to serve as a natural health alternative bridge.

We started a journey and wrote patents that could improve lives of people all over the world simply by answering the call for plant based alternatives. Shaman products will be delivered to people worldwide, and provide access to more alternative forms of maintaining health and wellness.  Abeytu´ for You! is not just a tagline. We believe strongly that we have something for everyone and can’t wait to start helping to change lives by providing solutions for those natural health warriors. “Plants Do It Better”TM

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Charitable Organization Collaboration

Charitable Organization Collaboration- Abeytu’ Naturals Product Line donates a portion of proceeds from every product order placed to, to assist in the rescue and rehabilitation of children who have been trafficked. This organization works with government agencies from countries all over the world to help bring an end to child trafficking. Our Rescue not only liberates children but also assists to prosecute offenders and rehabilitate child victims. These children may receive scholarships and hope for a future after being enslaved with the help of wonderful groups such as Operation Underground Railroad. The rehabilitation process can be a lengthy and difficult journey, and we chose as our donor recipient in part due to its commitment to every victim’s future. Abeytu’ Naturals products have the mind, body, and soul at the core of all intended therapies and we believe total healing occurs when all are considered. We are a young organization with a purpose in our journey and we believe aligns with our aspirations of healing and touching as many people as we can, in every way we can. This amazing product line will help give us a platform from which to bring awareness and give back to serve the greater good. What better purpose than to help protect the world’s children from harm?

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