Our Team

Our creative development team is actively involved in the medical, pharmaceutical, and hemp industries.

Maria Crisler

Maria Crisler



She is a successful medical business owner and has a great deal of experience in the subjects of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology. In addition to management activities, Maria engages in clinical product design and creation. She assists in recognizing and facilitating applications for patients with chronic ailments via the supplement, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Maria works directly with our CSO on product development specifics and timelines, and implements marketing coordination in parallel.

Mark Schleiger

Mark Schleiger

Chief Operating Officer

B.S., M.S.

Mark Schleiger is our Chief Operations Officer and implements all elements of our supply chain. Over the past 15 years, he has successfully helped mentor, launch, and develop dozens of startups in a wide range of markets. Mark excels at keeping things simple and focused to drive innovative products to market.

Dr. DiPonio

Dr. Emma DiPonio

Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Emma is a specialist in anatomical and molecular imaging in the field of diagnostic radiology. She received both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI. She has special training in vascular ultrasound and image guided procedures. She has taken a special interest in natural health aids for vascular health promotion and is our Medical Director assessing safety and efficacy of each product. Dr DiPonio also brings her gift of detail oriented, patient centered review of all facets of our medically applied business progression. In addition to her bilingual communication abilities, Dr. DiPonio is an experienced medical practice owner and operator, and oversees Puerto Rico business production operations.

Dr. J. Phillip Kennedy

Dr. J. Phillip Kennedy

Chief Scientific Officer

B.S., Ph.D.

Jack is the Chief Scientific Officer for Shaman Productions and the Abeytu´ Naturals Product Line. Jack has developed patents for the cosmetics industry and developed product lines targeting dermatitis, itch, and anti-aging. He is responsible for leading research to deliver Botox topically, and specialized in formulary development for both small and macromolecules for topical treatments for Proctor and Gamble. Jack is the inventor of the unique BioEnhancement delivery system for all Abeytu´ Products.

Justin Yeo

Justin Yeo

Director of Field Customer Relations Department

Justin is our Director of Field Operations Department. Justin is responsible for building our field representation to educate consumers about unique our product line. He works directly with our CEO implementing the Abeytu´ Naturals Product Branding and leads his own team of educators in the field. Justin is an Australian native performance professional athlete. He has been an active Tennis professional around the world for over 30 years. This experience has given him the solid foundations that he has widely used in the business executive world, as well as the necessary skillset to motivate and lead teams. Character plays a monumental role in success, especially as a leader and with a team. Justin will ensure Abeytu´ Naturals Products are available to households all over the world for health and wellness.

Terri Bos

Terri Bos

Chief Marketing Officer

Terri’s experiences include leading the marketing, advertising, digital and community efforts at AutoNation Inc. America’s Largest Automotive Retailer for 11 years. She directed numerous marketing implementations and solved many of the challenges facing business owners today. In building over $50 million annual marketing plans for over 70 locations she has a razor-sharp understanding of spearheading systems that support organizational growth while delivering efficiencies and customer service. Her knowledge and experience are in-depth for all marketing strategies and yet she holds the operational expertise to see executions succeed. Terri has lived in Atlanta for 25 years however has multi-market experience nationwide in categories such as Automotive, Food Services, Home Development & Real Estate and Legal Services.