Abeytu´ Naturals CV Well Immunity Booster

$69.99 or $59.50 / month

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Revolutionary patent-pending formulation! Immune Supportive Cellular Micronutrients and Phytocannabinoid work with the body’s Endocannabinoid system to help deliver total body wellness. We know wellness starts at the cellular level. This revolutionary immune supportive blend may leave you feeling energetically calm and protected knowing your immune system may respond effectively and efficiently. See our reviews!

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Manufactured in Utah, USA

Non-GMO hemp

FDA Registered Manufacturing

Organically Farmed Hemp

Quality Management System

Superlative Quality & Compliance


Oxidative stress induces rapid mutation rates of RNA viruses. This formulation is currently used by customers, including medical professionals for prevention and rescue. Abeytu´ Naturals CV Well utilizes CBD Isolate with the goal of accessing immune and other cells to deliver micronutrients. We believe a functional immune response brings total body wellness.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 4.25 × 2.5 in


– Glutathione
– Ascorbyl Palmitate(Vit C)
– Quercetin
– L- Lysine
– Selenomethionione
– Zinc Citrate
– Cannabidiol Isolate
– Sunflower Lecithin
– Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Sublingual and Topical



Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Teresa LeBlanc
Energy off of levothyroxine

Goal was to get off 2 prescription medications. Goal met for one within 4 weeks!

Amy Norris
Good product

I can’t honestly tell if my immune system is getting stronger after a month straight of taking this but it feels like a quality product. My main issue with it is that I feel like a lot of what im paying for at $75 for 2 oz is the very large (beautiful) box package it comes in. It’s a little too much & I would prefer a discount & simple wrap over the box

Anita R
Great for hands too!

Using not only on my face and throat AM and PM, but also for dry winter hands.

Maggie Hill
CV Well

Excellent product, works well...felt I had a cold coming on, dosed up and gone by that afternoon !

Lorye McLeod

I have been on this for almost a month. I have noticed increased energy and overall a feeling of well being. I have been around a lot of sick people lately and I haven't gotten sick so it definitely has boosted my immune system! Thank you.