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Revolutionary patent-pending breakthrough formulation! Immune Supportive Micronutrients and Phytocannabinoid work with the body’s Endocannabinoid system and Immune system with the goal of helping to support homeostasis and functional immune responses. This patent-pending blend is receiving international recognition as a wellness supplement [due in part, to its ingredients’ ability to reduce and oxidize graphene oxide], a known cytotoxin.

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Weight 9.3 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 4.25 × 2.5 in


Glutathione. Ascorbyl Palmitate(Vit C). Quercetin. L- Lysine. Selenomethionione. Zinc Citrate. Cannabidiol Isolate. Sunflower Lecithin.


Sublingual and Topical

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I have been taking supplements and superfoods for year and years.
Since 2015, I have had a myriad of health issues that have been considered life threatening. The doctors haven't been able to assist and I have been taking some medications to slow down any further deteriorations and complications.
Since taking the CV Well Immuno-Boosting Tincture, my lungs are clearing up and I am beginning to take fuller breaths. I can climb the stairs at home without stopping to catch my breath half way.
If this is the efficacy of this brilliant and Divinely created product after only 2 weeks, I am super excited to experience further improvement to my health.
With Love, Helen

Karla M Fisher

I have an auto immune disorder that caused rough patches on my hands. With the tincture internally and skin cream externally they have disappeared for the first time ever. Thank you for making Abeytu!

Rose McClintick
I wish the bottle was bigger! ☺️

I love this product so much I hate running out of it!! ☺️☺️

Judy Kanthack
This benefited my body 100%

I picked the bottle up, and muscle testing it found it to be extremely strong, and that it would benefit my body 100% ! I am passionate about your/these Abeytu' products. Already in 5 weeks using the rejuvenation cream on my face 2x daily, and the tincture - my skin feels and looks different. And YES ! I took pictures in the beginning, and will share when it's a quite noticeable change.
Also, I work with natural and energy healings... and give detoxing footbaths. My footbath machine comes from Bremen Health Clinic, Bremen, Ga. and is a very professional and expensive machine. Since about 2008, I have been giving these footbaths to others and on myself and my husband = therefore I KNOW what the water looks like especially for ourselves, over these many years.
*. After using the tincture about 3 or 4 weeks, my footbath water was Very Different. And it was really stinky.......never before in all these years has it smelled of anything.
This is evidence to me/us that the tincture (the only thing different we have been doing) REALLY REALLY pulls toxins out, and gets into/to the cellular levels.

Thanking you and Dr Emma for using your heart and soul, for bringing in the highest intentions, and Divine Wisdom for natural, plant based products. I am onboard for the journey !
Sending Sooo many Blessings !

Heather Plank

Something is working. I wonder my combo is doing to the arthritis and lack of cartilage in my shoulder. They feel much better.