Abeytu´ Naturals CV Well Immuno – Boosting Tincture

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Revolutionary patent-pending formulation! Immune Supportive Micronutrients and endocannabinoid Bio-enhanced for maximum effectiveness. Immunity-Boosting micronutrient compounds as well as CBD Isolate; allowing us to deliver the product at a 5X-20X enhanced effectiveness through duration and absorption. Immune boosting compounds plus CBD to support your endocannabinoid system delivered up to 20X better than any standard method!

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CV Well Tincture with patent-pending Bio-E

Oxidative stress induces rapid mutation rates on RNA viruses.


Lysine- Amino acids inhibit the replication of the herpes zoster virus.

Glutathione- The most powerful and prevalent naturally occurring anti-oxidant in our bodies. If supplemented and present in your cells; will prevent > 99% of Herpes viral replication.

Zinc- Defends against S.Pneumoniae. Inhibits inflammatory response and inhibits the replication of RNA viruses.

Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate)- Anti-Oxidant. Inhibits replication of RNA viruses including Influenza and Corona.

Selenium- Proven protection vs RNA viruses, Influenza, and Corona. Deficiency equilibrates to spawning ground for opportunistic RNA viruses and immature immune system development at adolescence.

Quercetin (BioQ)- A cell has a lock, and a virus has a key [to enter and infect the cell], quercetin puts the glue in the lock and effectively lowers cholesterol as well.

Isolate- Potent Anti-Inflammatory, mood stabilizer, IBS symptom relief, support for Cb1, and Cb2 receptors in brain/spinal cord/peripheral nervous system.

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3 reviews for Abeytu´ Naturals CV Well Immuno – Boosting Tincture

  1. Jeff Bos

    Outstanding Product- use it everyday!

  2. Tracee Batt (verified owner)

    I started this product 1.5 months ago, before I started it, my hot flashes were miserable and of course wasn’t sleeping. 10 days after starting this the hot flashes were gone and my sleep is amazing. I have more energy then before and would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to “feel better” This is the real deal. Thank you for such an amazing product.

  3. Cathy Sledge Kieta (verified owner)

    I currently take a hormone blocker medication for breast cancer. One of the side effects can be bone/joint aches and I recently started experiences those side effects. I started taking this product in July and within 10 days the bone/joint aches have gone away. Love this stuff! So thankful that I have found the product!

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